NavCoin NEXT

Mobile Wallet

NavCoin NEXT Mobile Wallet

NEXT Mobile is an open source NavCoin lightweight wallet application developing for devices using Android and iOS operating systems.

The wallet is written from scratch. It has all the features that should be found in light wallet.

Used Technologies

NEXT Mobile is built on Apache Cordova, an open source mobile development framework.

Bitcore library is used to interact with NavCoin blockchain as well as desktop light wallet.

As with NEXT Desktop full and light wallets, the VueJS JavaScript Framework is also used in the mobile wallet.

The application interface uses the open-source Onsen UI 2 library.

NavCoin Community Fund Is In Your Hands

NEXT Mobile aims to be the first mobile wallet that allows the NavCoin Community Fund to be used on mobile devices. You can browse Community Fund proposals, create your own proposals in seconds, and also easily create a payment request for your accepted proposals.

How Does It Work?

NEXT Mobile generates NavCoin public addresses using bitcore-lib libraries on your device and stores sensitive information, such as private keys, locally. Thus, private keys never leave your device.

When creating a wallet, you are asked to create a strong password. Based on the password you specified, your sensitive data is encrypted with a strong encryption method. If your device is somehow lost or if it is stolen by someone else, sensitive data cannot be viewed because it is encrypted.

Sign/Verify Message Support

Unlike other mobile wallets, you can sign and verify messages within your wallet to prove that you own your wallet.

Designed For Daily Use

The NEXT Mobile wallet is designed for everyday use. You can easily send and receive NAV. You can also access the Community Fund at any time and easily submit your proposals to the NavCoin blockchain.

We are developing the project together with NavCoin Community members. We would like to inform you that we are open to all kinds of ideas for the project and look forward to your opinion.

We will be waiting for your valuable support for the project.

Features to Support

  • Community Fund (View Proposals,Create Proposal & Create Payment Request)
  • Spending Wallet for Cold Staking
  • Open Alias
  • Sign/Verify Messages

Breakdown of the costs

  • Apple Developer Program Subscription 99 USD
  • Apple Macbook Pro for building wallet for iOS devices and submitting application to App Store~2300 USD
  • Apple iPhone XR for testing wallet on a real device ~1320 USD
  • Mobile Wallet Promo Video (Video+Sound) 45 USD
  • Server Costs for Backend 480 USD (40 USD*12 month)
  • Estimated hour spent on research to develop application on mobile devices 750 USD (30 Hour*25 USD)
  • Estimated hour for wallet development 2250 USD (90 Hour*25 USD)
  • Estimated hour for bug fixes and updates to be made after the wallet is published. 750 USD (30 Hour*25 USD)
  • Estimated hour for backend development 500 USD (20 Hour*25 USD)
Total Estimated Cost ~ 8494 USD ~ 42470 NAV (1 NAV ~20¢ - 4/5/2019)

Kind regards,

NEXT Wallet Project Leading
NavCoin Community Developer