NAVCoin NEXT Wallet

2019 Roadmap

NAVCoin NEXT Wallet 2019 Roadmap

Hi everyone,

I'm "sakdeniz" from NavCoin Community Developers. I'm 38 years old. I have been working as a Software Developer for a long time. I have been trying to be an active member of the NavCoin Community for nearly a year and contribute to the NavCoin development.

In early 2018, I opened web site and decided to build an open source, cross-platform desktop wallet for NavCoin. With the support of the NavCoin Community, we have created an easy-to-use, feature-rich, stable and secure desktop wallet in 9 months. Even if not enough users use the NEXT wallet, we hope that more users will use the wallet in the future.

The most important point in the NEXT wallet was that it was secure and user friendly also it was easy for people who were new to cryptocurrency. These titles will be among our priorities in further developments.

NEXT is now the easiest way to interact with NavCoin Community Fund. With NEXT wallet you can create your proposals in seconds without any technical knowledge and present them to the NavCoin Community Fund platform. You can also browse through other proposals and use your vote easily.

Along with the NEXT wallet, we aimed to make the wallet do more than just send and receive cryptocurrency. Accordingly, we added the Store and Games features to the wallet. These features are still under development. In 2019, we will further develop these features and try to make it easier for merchants and game developers to use them.

In 2019 We will try to make the NEXT wallet more functional and more useful in everyday life.

We can list the upcoming improvements under 3 headings as follows.

Advanced Merchant Platform

It is now possible to sell a product on the wallet. You can easily register through the site and add the products you want to sell to the store.

Users can purchase products in the NEXT Wallet Store without any intermediary through the store and the payment is transferred directly to the merchant's account.

Digital Distribution Platform

There are 1.8 billion gamers in the world, and PC gaming dominates the market. Many of you have heard of the Steam platform. Steam is the oldest and most advanced digital distribution platform developed by Valve Software. There are thousands of games in many different genres. Millions of players are actively using Steam.

The gaming industry is a huge market and the age group dealing with cryptocurrency consists of more young people. There are thousands game developers who develop individual games using game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine. I think we could build a decentralized gaming platform using the strong infrastructure of Valence and NavCoin.

It will be exciting to convert the NEXT wallet to a decentralized platform for game developers and gamers.

Lightweight Wallet Alternative on NEXT Wallet

In addition to a full desktop wallet, I think we should offer a lightweight wallet with Community Fund support in the NEXT wallet. So peoples can quickly make proposals without being in sync with the network and can be part of the community.

The NEXT wallet is a NavCoin community driven project. It needs financial support for research and development. The development and progress of the project cannot be possible without the community's support. We invite you to support the project and to be a part of the change.

The project is open to everyone's thoughts. If you want to contribute to the project, you can share your thoughts on the Discord server in #navcoin-nextwallet channel.

I would like to thank the Core Team and all members of the NavCoin Community for their support.

For more information about NEXT Wallet please visit or NEXT's Github Repo

Kind regards,

NEXT Wallet Project Leading
NAVCoin Community Developer