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CryptoCandor YouTube review

CryptoCandor YouTube review

14 days
5.500 NAV
10353    1107
accepted, expired

Vote Commands for NavCoin Core Wallet and NavPi

If you are using NavCoin Core Wallet or NavPi and want to vote for this proposal, you should open "Debug Window" in "Help" menu and paste these commands for voting.

  • proposalvote 40dc72aea593ed643d2b35ed551bdeeb75a45002013ce2dd168c4c6f2223f7a9 yes
  • proposalvote 40dc72aea593ed643d2b35ed551bdeeb75a45002013ce2dd168c4c6f2223f7a9 no


CryptoCandor YouTube review

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My name is Alex and I run manage the YouTube channel CryptoCandor. I am submitting a proposal for funding for an overall review of Nav. I cover a wide range of crypto related topics on my channel, but I like reviewing projects individually the most. When a community has the ability to fund the video I will request the option because I think it's important that people see how the fund works, and it may inspire people to want to get involved. I also like being able to show in my review that supportive content has the possibility of bring rewarded. A member of the Navcoin community came in my discord and suggested I submit a proposal, so here I am!

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