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NavCoin NEXT Wallet (

NavCoin NEXT Wallet (

365 days
34.900 NAV
11704    510
accepted, expired

Vote Commands for NavCoin Core Wallet and NavPi

If you are using NavCoin Core Wallet or NavPi and want to vote for this proposal, you should open "Debug Window" in "Help" menu and paste these commands for voting.

  • proposalvote 4206f890851a65cc4e15098a63732ee45ebb6c56f3c13104e9e7921a1e5f87ff yes
  • proposalvote 4206f890851a65cc4e15098a63732ee45ebb6c56f3c13104e9e7921a1e5f87ff no


NavCoin NEXT Wallet (

Web Site


What is NEXT?

Next is an alternative wallet for NavCoin. It's open source, cross platform full node NavCoin wallet.

It can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux. Next provides all basic wallet features like send/receive coins, view transaction history.

NEXT supports Staking like NavCoin Core wallet. NEXT fully supports the NavCoin Community Fund. You can create/vote proposals for Community Fund with NEXT and keep up-to-date on what's happening in the Community Fund.


Used Technologies




  1. Send / Receive NavCoin
  2. Transaction History
  3. Staking (%4 Yearly)
  4. Optional Private Payment
  5. Address Book
  6. Instant Network Switch between Mainnet/Testnet/Devnet
  7. Detailed daily/monthly Staking Report
  8. Actual CoinMarketCap data for NavCoin
  9. Store for Merchants for selling products with NAV
  10. Community Fund
    1. Create Proposal
    2. Create Payment Request
    3. List All Proposals
    4. List Own Proposals
    5. Own Proposals Vote List
    6. Own Proposals Payment Request Vote List
    7. Vote Proposals
    8. Filter by Proposal Category
    9. Filter by Proposal Status
    10. Search Proposal
    11. Table View/Tile View
    12. Proposals Summary by Status
    13. Fund details (Available, Locked)
    14. Current Period Details
    15. Direct donate button for Accepted Proposals
  11. In-wallet News
  12. Settings
    1. Open Data Folder Button
    2. Backup Wallet
    3. Encrypt Wallet
    4. Lock/Unlock Wallet
    5. Toggle buttons for easily configure Staking, Testnet, TXIndex, AddressIndex
    6. Config file editor
    7. Show Master Private Key
    8. Import Private Key
    9. Sign Message
    10. Verify Signed Message
  13. Debug Console
  14. Network Peer List
  15. Soft Fork List
  16. Dynamic "NAV Accepted Here" locations on Google Maps
  17. Auto Update

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