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  • proposalvote 81439e7c02a103ff30611ffeccabfee032337c0356e0fb53118c2bccb0de2a6e no

Title translation (1.part - Russian and Chinese languages)

Web Site


My name is Igor.

Long time ago i helped NavCoin with translations to Russian language.

Now i have experienced translators team. Currently, we have 13 translators: Russian, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian. Currently we are working in longterm with such projects like Pivx, CloakCoin, BitBay, ForceNetwork and BitTube.

In this proposal I offer to completely translate website to Russian and Chinese languages.

When it will be done successfully and payed for our work, i will send 2nd part of my proposal: to translate website to other languages (two languages by 1 proposal, so i could easily moderate translators work).

In price are included:

Translation works to Russian and Chinese languages Translation checking when it will be published on website Chinese translator moderation

If you will have any questions regarding my proposal, you can ask those in NavCoin discord chat, in #community-fund channel and i will answer them.

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