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Translation of NAVCOIN.ORG to Slovak and Czech (RESUBMITTED)

Translation of NAVCOIN.ORG to Slovak and Czech (RESUBMITTED)

180 days
5.000 NAV
10124    2294
accepted, expired

Vote Commands for NavCoin Core Wallet and NavPi

If you are using NavCoin Core Wallet or NavPi and want to vote for this proposal, you should open "Debug Window" in "Help" menu and paste these commands for voting.

  • proposalvote e8b46f55fd222cf269ab2eb935ba38cc7c9d19b775d9dd781fb6c7b88059bdde yes
  • proposalvote e8b46f55fd222cf269ab2eb935ba38cc7c9d19b775d9dd781fb6c7b88059bdde no


Translation of NAVCOIN.ORG to Slovak and Czech (RESUBMITTED)

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To increase the visibility of Navcoin and its community I will translate the whole webpage to Slovak and Czech language, which would open the ideas and technology described therein to approximately 15 million people - in Czech Republic 10 mln. and in Slovak Republic 5 mln.

Please note that I am an official state certificated translator to Slovak-English and I can also fluently communicate in Czech, so you can expect high level of the language translating skills.

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