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Marketing Kit

Marketing Kit

37 days
10.500 NAV
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Marketing Kit

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In this proposal, I want to introduce the general concept of a marketing set for NAV Coin.

This set will consist of 9 documents, which all together will form a beautiful picture in one style. These 9 documents are:

1. Introduction for new members of the community (to make awareness of the project)
2. Brochure for investors
3. Brochure for businessmens, merchants
4. Brochure showing how NAV Coin works
5. Brochure telling the possibilities of NAV Coin
6. Brochure showing how to pay using NAV Coin
7. Original bulletin for exhibitions and conferences
8. Presentation for conferences
9. Original visit cards for exhibitions, conferences and meetings
* Bonus: folder in which all documents will be stored

All brochures will be made:

1. In the same style
2. So that the text can be easily changed
3. In .ai (Adobe Illustrator) so they can be easily edited
4. So that you can easily change the context of the documents, replacing one of the 9 documents with another
5. In the format - less text (keywords), big pictures. This technique is more effective for the perception of information.

* As planned (at the moment), the first 6 brochures will be made of 2 pages (4 turns) each; and the bulletin is one-page

I will divide my work into 10 parts.
Part 1The concept of the entire project (namely, a top view of all 9 documents joined together)
Parts 2~9Development of each of the 9 documents.
Part 10Development of a folder for all documents.

Accordingly, payment will be requested after the execution of each of 10 parts.

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